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Japan unwinds multiple-entry visa standards for Indian nationals from Jan 1, 2018

Japan unwinds multiple-entry visa standards for Indian nationals from Jan 1, 2018

Japan has currently declared simplified visa procedures for Indian travellers with impact from January one, 2018. The relaxed visa regime won't only have a simplification of visa application records however also an expansion of the eligible candidates for multiple entry-visa for a short-term stay.

Under the improvement of visa application documents, the applicant’s employment certificate and clarification letter stating the reason will be exempted in cases of applying for multiple- entry visa. 

On a Fundamental levelcandidates are going to be able to apply for a multiple-entry visa with only 3 documents –passport, visa form (with Photo) and documents to prove the financial capability (for touristry purpose)/documents to prove the applicant's affiliation to certain enterprises(for business purpose).

Moreover, multiple-entry visas with a validity of 5 years most and stay of 90 days maximum are going to be issued to candidates who have travel records to Japan twice or more within the last one year, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of   Japan stated, adding during this case,the eligible candidates may submit only their passports and visa form.

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Thursday, January 18, 2018

Hungary is one of the best and cheapest Countries in Europe to visit from India.

The official cash in Hungary is forint. At the current rates, INR 1 = 4 Forint(roughly).
thus, you'll feel a considerable measure wealthier in Hungary!

Hungary lies in Central Europe and is encompassed by the nations of Slovakia, Romania, Serbia, Croatia, Slovenia, Austria and Ukraine.

It is having the largest thermal water cave structure in the world and also the second-largest thermal lake in the world - the Lake Heviz.

It, besides, has the largest characteristic prairies in Europe, that is the Hortobágy park and further the biggest lake in Central Europe (Lake Balaton).

The most spoken language here is Hungarian, and the most widely talked foreign languages are English and German.

CHECKLIST FOR Tourist Visa – Hungary
Visa Application Form: Fully completed and signed visa application form. (empty/blank fields may be cause for invalid application).
Photographs : Two color photographs 3.5 x 4.5 cm with white background, clear image of the applicant directly facing the camera, without dark/ tinted glasses or any headgear (with the exception of persons who wear such headgear due to their ethnic/ religious background, and are seen wearing the same in their passport photo).
Passport: Original passport with minimum 3 months validity from the time of travel and minimum 2 empty pages for visa and issued within 10 years.
Proof of Sufficient Funds: Latest applicant's original bank statement with sign and seal of the bank on every page or a sponsorship letter from the financial sponsor with sponsor's bank statement and ID/passport copy.

Salary slip of the last three months from the employer.

Pension slip of the last three months.
Proof of Accommodation: Copy of hotel booking with applicant name or a letter from the host with host's ID/passport copy.
Ticket Itinerary (Both way flight tickets): Copy of return flight tickets with applicant name.If applying as a group, please highlight applicant name.
Travel Medical Insurance: Overseas travel medical insurance valid for all Schengen countries. The insurance has to cover the applicant for at least 30,000 Euros or equivalent, for all risks e.g. accident, illness, medical emergency, evacuate of arrival and departure.
Covering Letter (Original): from the company in India with clear company details, applicant details, the purpose of visit, duration of visit, financial responsibility for whole trip and assurance applicant will back to work immediately after this trip.
Invitation letter: from the company in Hungary on company letterhead with clear company details (physical address & contact numbers must), brief about the principal business of the company, applicant details, purpose of visit, duration of visit and financial responsibility if any.
For Non-Indians/Foreigners residing in India have to submit a copy of their minimum 6 months valid India visa/work permit/residence permit including visa extended stamps (if any).

Important Notes:

1.    Embassy may ask for more documents(if required).
2.    Original Documents must be presented during the personal interview with the visa officer.

3.    For minors a declaration by the legal representative on the coverage of the costs certified by public notary

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Thursday, January 11, 2018



Sri Lanka tourism is growing more and more with the massive help of the govt. of Sri Lanka.
Destination promoting organisations got to target the branding ways to market an attraction as a traveller destination. 

According to the tourism strategic plan 2017-2020 of Sri Lanka tourist Board, 
Sri Lanka is functioning on the touristry destination designing and to create them sustainable through facilitating the destination management. 
This will help assign resources easily and minimise the price.

 Srilanka is one of all the rising luxury holiday destination that pulls guests from everywhere in the planet for its lavish verdure, tropical rainforests, wildlife and quiet shorelines and laidback vibes.

In 2017 most tourist arrivals to Srilanka are from INDIA with 2,116,407 tourists( 7.8% up).
Next followed by CHINA with 268,952 (1% down).
And UK with 201,879 (7.3% up).
Sri Lanka targets 4.5 million foreign tourer arrivals by 2020.

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