Monday, April 2, 2018

Greece Visa Center World assumes control Greece visa help in India


Greece tourist visa fees for citizens of INDIA

Greece Visa Center world, an autonomous visa maintains supplier delegated through the Greek administration to cultivate Hellenic Consular experts consequent to than visa offices in four geological zones inside the world, has begun activities in India in the tune of 15 focuses all through the nation. the foundation of the auxiliary visa help focus was reported by methods for the Ambassador of Greece to India, Panos Kalogeropoulos, at a circumstance held around the Greek Embassy in Delhi, which was gone to through the President of Greece Visa Center world , Eleftherios Oikonomou, and Yannis Alexis Zepos, the Board Member of Greece Visa Center world .

talk me at the event, the Ambassador declared that Greece Visa Center world is taking the Greece visa assistance at a develop attraction is developing consistently for Indians to visit Greece. The Greece Embassy has been one of the leaders in issuing Schengen Visa for Indians a year ago, when coarsely 28,000 applications prepared as a result of the strange away from home. He communicated the fantasy that the additional framework will accessorily enhance the character of advancing which would empower more Indians to voyage to Greece in the coming years. We impulse to see the wide assortment going happening. Greece is considerably more prominent than Athens, Mykonos and Santorini. there are for that protection numerous choice goals in Greece that are appealing as far as records, narratives and engineering, he affirmed. He specified harshly urban communities inside the North considering Thessaloniki that is presently related through two worldwide suppliers from their separate centres.

Oikonomou affirmed that the undertaking adds to more visit together in the organization of India and Greece by means of handing over high-vibes visa assistance. He said that the office tries to be a scaffold amidst the East and the West to convey the two energized societies and civilisations nearer.

Zepos expressed that for the reason that running has been exactly the order from the allotment, offerings have been begun simultaneously in India and South Africa from January, trailed by utilizing China. they will dispatch the middle in Russia soon, he presented. He emphasized the commitment of the company to pay for agreeable offices to get more Indians go to Greece in the coming time.

As in advance behind the Greece Embassy, 27,897 Schengen visas have been issued by an eccentricity of the international safe haven in 2017, at an indistinguishable period from helper than 52,000 Indians went by Greece extreme year. Tourism could be immensely vital for the Greek financial framework. The nation got 27 million activity surviving year, an inciter to a populace of eleven million.


  1. hello my name is RAZA KHAN i lives in Pakistan and i am a civil construction contractor i want to live my life in greece will someone help me i don't have MONEY AND I Will not pay money will someone give me a job visa plz

  2. Is not that easy man. Then you just want Visa asking anyone to give your Visa and you said you don't have money, well good luck to your dream and just stay what country you at now. Cause nowadays nothing is free. Heres a link were your can see the cause of Visa if ever you wanted to have one or apply one :


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